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Meme TD is an idle tower defense game where players protect their precious Meme coins from the evil forces in the crypto world.


1. Basic Information
– Team Situation: Not available
– Funding Status: Not available
– Project Launch Date: May 22, 2024
– Player Count: 110,000+
– Social Media Subscribers: 75,000+
– Notable KOLs: @the_yescoin, @MajimeTanaka, @12r1I, @JulietMassalini

2. User Experience
– UI Aesthetics: Features pixel style design
– Functional Completeness: Similar to other games in the same genre, includes comprehensive gameplay mechanics
– Beginner-Friendly: Easy for new players to start playing
– Recharge Requirements: Players can purchase items to upgrade weapons and armor
– Value of Recharge: Aids in obtaining various rewards

3. Core Gameplay
– Meme TD is an idle tower defense game where players can stake $METD by connecting their wallet to earn in-game benefits. Players must protect their tower from enemy attacks, upgrade tower attributes, unlock tower properties, and use strong meme cards to engage in battles.
– Reward Mechanism:
– Rewards are distributed to players in METD tokens based on their leaderboard position
– Rewards decrease by half each season, gradually reducing the number of tokens in the game reward pool
– Players can stake METD tokens to gain in-game benefits, with benefits resetting at the end of each season and the option to unstake at any time

4. Product Innovation
– Gameplay Differentiation: Allows for pure idle play in the early stages

5. Cons and Suggestions:
– Decreasing rewards in the reward mechanism could lead to reduced long-term player interest, necessitating a better incentive mechanism.
– Lowering the recharge threshold can increase participation from non-paying players, thereby improving the overall gaming experience.
Overall Rating: 3.0



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