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FastX Parking

FastX is a free P2E game where you can earn rewards by parking your car.


1. Background Information
– Team and Funding Status: Not available
– Coin Launch Date: Stay tuned on official Twitter for updates
– Project Launch Date: Not available
– Number of Players: 200,000+
– Social Media Subscribers: 49,000+

2. User Experience
– Easy for newcomers, user-friendly operation
– FastX categorizes cars into 5 levels, requiring energy for upgrades
– Energy is essential for parking and car upgrades, with a constant hourly parking energy consumption of 1000 regardless of car level
– Energy Acquisition: Maximum of 5000 energy per day from daily check-ins and referrals
– Invite Rewards: Successfully inviting friends can earn energy and coin rewards
– Special Task Rewards: Completing tasks can earn additional coin rewards
– Periodic events for extra rewards

Overall Rating: 3.0



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