Teneo Protocol

The First Data Layer for DePIN & AI.


1. Project Background
Teneo Protocol is the first data layer for DePIN and AI. We revolutionize how machine data is utilized and monetized, by bridging the digital and physical world. Teneo connects real-world machines with the Web3 network, enabling private individuals and companies to benefit from the data generated since 2019.

2. Product Suite
– Machine RWA tokenization: Transform real-world devices into Web3 assets, enabling staking and rewards.
– DePIN Data SDK: Simplifying data management and verification.
Machine Data AI Models: Revolutionizing efficiency with AI-driven insights.
– Decentralized Machine Learning: Empowering advanced data processing with node computation.
– Teneo Token: Enhancing blockchain interoperability and unifying transactions.

3. Use Cases
– Predictive maintenance in mobility to optimize fleet operations and reduce downtime.
– Operational forecasting in energy to enhance energy production efficiency.
– Tokenization for B2C businesses to enhance customer engagement and loyalty.
– AI companies use Teneo’s processed and labeled machine data to train models.
– Utilize and monetize combined energy and mobility data for energy grid operators.

4. Traction
– 30 million data points of RWAs unlocked
– Tokenized machines worth over $5 million
– Built a user base of over 100k individuals
– Generated $8 million in revenue
– Sold $1.7 million in RWA tokens

5. Conclusion
By leveraging blockchain technology, Teneo is not only transforming how machine data is utilized and monetized but also paving the way for new opportunities in decentralized infrastructure and AI.


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