The blockchain game GuildFi brand is upgraded to Zentry, and the GF-ZENT token exchange is launched

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On April 23, blockchain game GuildFi announced its upgraded brand to Zentry, planning to create a game superlayer to reward all types of gamers, not only multi-chain games, but also Web2 games and even various social experiences in the real world. The new brand Zentry will create a new model – the game economy, where the fusion of the physical world and the digital world has begun, which will bring a new dimension of gameplay to the game.

The blockchain game GuildFi brand is upgraded to Zentry, and the GF-ZENT token exchange is launched

GuildFi raised more than $140 million in 2021, primarily through community token sales, but also received investments from well-known companies like Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, and Animoca Brands. The company said that as of early 2024, its reserves were worth more than $100 million, including crypto assets, tokens, and equity investments, as well as NFTs it owns.

The company originally started out in the Axie Infinity days, running a scholarship program that gave players in-game NFTs in exchange for a portion of their gaming revenue. At the time, GuildFi also set its sights on broader goals, describing a plan for a cross-game ID that would accumulate points across various games and reward players for their participation.

Follow Zentry to start a new journey of Web3

As an important part of the brand upgrade, Zentry will launch the new ZENT token. Existing GuildFi (GF) token holders on Ethereum can convert to ZENT at a conversion rate of 1:10 through the official web portal. The official will provide a token migration tutorial.

The upcoming blockchain-based superlayer under the Zentry banner is a realization of this idea, a “game within a game,” as founder and CEO Jarindr Thitadilaka put it in a press release, covering not only crypto and NFT gaming but also aggregating data from games users play on Web2 platforms.

Games are still at the core of the experience, but Zentry has a much bigger goal of rewarding users for participating in a variety of social and entertainment activities. For example, social media interactions and real-world behavior tracked through an upcoming app will also play a role in achieving this goal.

According to Thitadilaka, Zentry’s flagship app, Radiant, will serve as a user-facing interface for players to progress and accumulate rewards based on their activities in blockchain applications, traditional gaming platforms, social media, and the real world. In the future, users might receive benefits for hitting fitness goals or drinking coffee for several consecutive days.

The blockchain game GuildFi brand is upgraded to Zentry, and the GF-ZENT token exchange is launched

Our game economy is an advanced version of Play-to-Earn, expanding its scope beyond just Web3 or games, where every game, every win, every moment not only enriches your gaming journey, but also makes your real world better, giving gamers unprecedented power.

Zentry’s transformation comes after one of Axie Infinity’s largest peers, Yield Guild Games (YGG), announced its own rebranding, moving from a guild to a protocol for supporting other guilds. YGG is working with various game developers to integrate its guild technology into games so that players can team up and work together seamlessly in blockchain games.

With Zentry, the goal is to aggregate all of a user’s gaming, social, and entertainment activities and offer rewards through a shared interface. Thitadilaka explained that it will have the feel of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), including story elements to draw players further into the experience.

Community members will be able to vote on governance, initiatives and rewards, but Thitadilaka said the gaming universe he envisions is not a DAO. A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a community structure where control is dispersed rather than hierarchical, designed to be fully decentralized and governed by community consensus.

Thitadilaka expressed doubts about the viability of a fully decentralized ecosystem at this point, citing potential negative consequences when “everyone does whatever they want,” and instead suggested a more controlled but participatory model for Zentry as it takes off.

“Our gaming universe goes beyond traditional DAOs,” he said. “It has a unique ecosystem core stack, including blockchain infrastructure that connects Web2 and Web3 data, a suite of applications for players, and a multi-IP universe that deepens engagement through compelling narratives and IP partnerships.” Zentry has a story-driven and evolving product ecosystem that aims to change lives through the gaming superlayer.

The blockchain game GuildFi brand is upgraded to Zentry, and the GF-ZENT token exchange is launched

Thitadilaka believes that the blockchain industry is full of infrastructure and games that cannot attract a large audience due to technical complexity and other high barriers to entry. They focus on Web3 players and ignore the much larger Web2 player base. Zentry is designed to bridge this gap.

“We’re here to solve that problem and leverage these underutilized systems and communities,” he said, “and not just grow alongside the crypto gaming industry, but be responsible for its growth.”
Zentrys Superlayer will benefit the crypto world and Web2 gamers, while also covering social media and real-world activities. Players, artificial intelligence and Web3 will be fully integrated, and Zentry will eventually become the leader in the new era of gaming, entertainment and lifestyle.

$GF to $ZENT Migration Tutorial

GuildFis GF token migration started on April 25, 2024, with a deadline of 4 months from the start date. The token migration is expected to be completed on August 25, 2024. There are three ways to migrate: 1. GF holders can visit GuildFis website to migrate manually. 2. If the holder deposits their GF tokens on a centralized exchange (CEX) such as OKX or BitKub, the exchange will automatically migrate the tokens. 3. For GF pledged on the platform, GF pledgers will continue to receive rewards, and further details on the migration to ZENT pledge will be provided shortly after the token migration is completed.

GF token migration can be done manually on the GuildFi website by following the steps below:

Step 1 – Go to Zentrys token migration page

Go to the official token migration website at to start your token migration

Remember, this official URL is the only site for manually migrating tokens.

Step 2 – Connect your wallet

The blockchain game GuildFi brand is upgraded to Zentry, and the GF-ZENT token exchange is launched

Once you are on the Zentry token migration page, connect your wallet that holds your GF tokens.
Once the wallet is connected, the web page will display the amount of GF tokens that can be migrated, and the corresponding amount of ZENT tokens that will be received.

Step 3 – Grant GF Token Access

The blockchain game GuildFi brand is upgraded to Zentry, and the GF-ZENT token exchange is launched

Before you can proceed with the migration, you will need to grant the website access to the GF tokens in your wallet . This approval will cost you Ethereum gas fees.

Click the Approve Migration button to allow access.

Step 4 – Start the migration

The blockchain game GuildFi brand is upgraded to Zentry, and the GF-ZENT token exchange is launched

After the migration contract is approved, you can proceed to migrate GF to ZENT. You will need to pay Ethereum gas fees to complete the transaction. Click the Migrate to ZENT button to start the migration.

Step 5 – Migration Complete

Once the transaction is processed, you will receive the corresponding amount of ZENT tokens in your connected wallet.

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