Don’t apply for a Bee crypto card… unless you really need one.

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Don't apply for a Bee crypto card... unless you really need one.

Since the first 1,000 Bee Network co-branded crypto cards were issued, we have received unanimous pr人工智能se from cardholders worldwide. The Bee core team works with partner Coin 50™ and 30+ banking institutions and issuers to provide cardholders with the most convenient web3 consumption experience.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Only the cardholders will understand its benefits. To allow more people to experience those crypto Visa cards, we are officially opening a new tier of card application:
You can now click on the card icon of your Profile page in-app to apply for your own Bee Network co-branded Platinum Card! The first 10,000 cards will enjoy an 80% discount on the card opening fee and a 3-year exemption from the annual fee.

From cryptocurrency top-up to fiat currency consumption, the crypto Visa card you’ve been looking for is here in the BeeHive.

Please note:
1. The crypto Visa card is a prepaid Visa that allows global online & offline consumption in fiat currency through cryptocurrency top-up, without the need for real-name registration and without the ability to overdraw.
2. Currently, each Beeliever is limited to obtaining one crypto Visa. Black-Gold cardholders are temporarily not supported applying for other tiers of cards.
3. The benefits of the Platinum Card are slightly different from the Black-Gold Cards, and you are welcome to enter the card opening page for more details.
4. Please make the first top-up after applying to activate the card, ensuring that the actual available amount is more than 10 USD to activate automatically.
5. The fund collection fee varies depending on the chain you choose. Recommend you use Polygon chain for a lower fee.
6. Please ensure your account has no less than 1,000 BEE, as the number of mined BEE and team members will serve as important evidence for enjoying card opening & card usage benefits in the future.
7. Do not share your card number and CVV information with others.

Finally, we wish you a pleasant card using experience. If you have any questions related to card opening and usage, please read the Bee Crypto Card Quick IntroductionBasic Tutorial.

June 14, 2024
蜜蜂网络 DAO

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    柯佐敏莱 读者

    want to a card for use. But i want to know, is this card will use in all other cryptos assets different network?

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      2049146393 管理员

      for now you can spend Polygon, Tron and ethereum USDT

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    lzc2553 读者


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      2049146393 管理员

      try another phone number or retry later

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    dineswar 读者

    Very good future

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      Same thought

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    Philippa 读者

    where to find my visa card ? I just submitted application 5 hours earlier. My email is

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      2049146393 管理员

      Bee Network app-profile-Card overview

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    Saimi 读者

    Awesome 👍

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