Telegram Game

Map The World Through The Eyes of Mappasaurus - Web 3.0 Exploration with Rewards

1. Background
   – Team Information: Not available
   – Funding Status: Not available
   – Launch Date: May 3, 2024
   – Player Count: 100,000+
   – Social Media Subscribers: 55K+
   – Notable KOLs: @MajimeTanaka, @matrixagencyweb, @cokiramirez
2. User Experience
   – UI Aesthetics: Visually appealing interface
   – Feature Completeness: Similar to other Telegram games, complete with engaging gameplay, dinosaur egg cracking, and surprise blind boxes
   – User-Friendliness: Easy for newcomers
   – Recharge Demand: Ability to purchase upgrades
   – Recharge Value: Contributes to acquiring various rewards
3. Core Gameplay
   – Objective: Crack dinosaur eggs by tapping to earn $CRACKA and other rewards
   – Progression: Level up through leagues, complete challenges for richer rewards
   – Power Source: Earn $CRACKA through tapping, use them to purchase upgrades and enhance abilities
   – Leagues: Progress from Fossil League to Jurassic League for unlocking superior rewards
   – Energy: Tapping depletes energy, replenishing by one point per second
   – Boosters: Purchase boosters to accelerate progress and enhance game experience
   – Invites: Invite friends to play together and increase rewards
   – Tasks: Complete tasks to earn $CRACKA and enhance game rewards
   – Leaderboard: Compete for ranks, showcasing your level within different leagues
4. Product Innovation
   – Gameplay Differentiation: Telegram game with a unique twist of incorporating blind box elements for added allure
5. Drawbacks:
    1. Lack of team and funding information may impact player trust and engagement.
    2. While functionally complete, more social interactive elements could enhance long-term game appeal.
6. Suggestions:
    1. Provide team background and funding details for transparency and credibility.
    2. Consider introducing multiplayer interactive elements such as league competitions, cooperative tasks, to boost player engagement and social interaction.
    3. Regularly update content and introduce events to maintain player interest and activity levels.
Overall Rating: 3.1


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    Trangle 读者

    It’s amazing

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    Jaoil 读者

    Congratulations to Mappasaurus on reaching 100K

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    عيد سعيد