Yescoin is a super casual mini-game on Telegram featuring a viral spread mechanism, gained 3.8 million users in 6 weeks after launch. Yescoin’s vision is to be the gateway between web2 and web3.

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    Asherwhyte Okuyucular

    Alot of projects now on telegram and can’t different the real ones even

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    soheilabbasi Okuyucular

    عالی هستن همشون ولی کی لیست میشن معلوم نیست سرکاریم یا نه! It’s good and fun, but the interesting thing is that we don’t know if all these games are listed or if we have users and generate income for them, for example Hamster with all these millions of users, but the developers of this game are not known And who are Airdrop? Why don’t they show themselves? The rest of them, who are on Telegram, changed from Airdrop after Natcoin Betting sites and virtual gambling houses are not creditable at all It was just Natcoin, it came in 3 months and was listed several times on time He posted a news conference live on Twitter, which means that it was clear that Sasha is the producer And at the appointed time, he made everyone a millionaire with real money. I thank him and I am grateful

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    SON DO Okuyucular

    Goood project