Plume Network

Plume is a L2 solution spec...


Plume is a L2 solution specifically designed for Real World Assets (RWAs), featuring built-in tokenization, compliance integrations, and on-chain arbitration for capital protection. The platform’s unique goal is to establish an ecosystem that simplifies the asset deployment process while providing investors with significantly enhanced security compared to trading with anonymous counterparties on other chains.


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    Étienne Rousseau Pembaca

    Ouah !
    Il faut que je surveille de plus près Plume.

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    EthHanter Pembaca

    Plume is the first RWA chain for crypto natives with over 80+ projects building on it.

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    hinoryu Pembaca

    money to bring real things into crypto. Congrats
    🔥 Another big step forward

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    Diego García Pembaca

    ¡No puedo esperar para ver cómo se desarrollará Plume en el futuro!

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    njoh Pembaca

    I like it

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    Nathaniel💎 Pembaca

    Plume has raised $10 million! I thought this project was a bit unique and had a good narrative, but I didn’t realise that it was announced yesterday that it had raised $10 million!

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    #BeelieverO37WX7V Pembaca

    While the market is bouncing in different directions, it’s worth to watch the long term stuff.

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    bassa Pembaca

    $10M資金調達したってアナウンス見てたけど公式HPスルーしてたw RWAのモジュラーL2、Kudasai AMAのプロジェクト…👀 参加するしか!!

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    #Beeliever2PLBS2F Pembaca

    plume network ‘s testnet is starting. An new exciting opportunity for 🪂! Check their fund raise from yesterday, the names there should speak for how big this project can be.

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    Stardust🍊 Pembaca

    個人的にずっと追っていたPlume Network が本日、インセンティブ確約テストネットの参加登録受付を開始しました!