Oct 28,2021
Join the Events for Halloween and Bee's Lucky Day!

Hello global pioneers, October is coming to an end and November is just around the corner. November 1st is Bee's Lucky day and is also the annual Halloween. At the same time with the support of pioneers around the world, Twitter account of Bee Network Dao (@Beenetworkintl) has successfully exceeded 100k. To celebrate these accomplishments, Bee Network DAO is launching a big event for Pioneers to participate in, by retweeting and commenting on the official Twitter post according to the rules and you're ready to win. Furthermore, we'd like to announce the follow-up arrangement of Bee Netwrok that a new round of KYC is about to open in November. Please stay focused on us.

When is the event?

October 30th - November 1st (US Eastern Time)

How to participate?

Like and retweet the specified content as Bee Network will post on October 30th on Twitter @Beenetworkintl, comment with your invitation code along with your Halloween decoration or costume.

Event Awards

1st Prize: Apple Ipad Mini for 2 winners

2nd Prize: BOSE Wireless Headphone for 3 winners

3rd Prize: Youtube Premium for A Year for 5 winners

Bee's Lucky Day Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card for 10 winners

Award Rules

20 winners will be randomly selected after the event ends and will receive the corresponding awards in order, for example the first 2 randomly drew will win the 1st prize, the 3rd-5th will win the 2nd prize, the 6th-10th will win the 3rd prize, and the last 10 will be Bee's Lucky Day winners. The winning list will be published on November 2nd, and the awards will be issued within 5 working days. Winners are supposed to send message to @beegameSys on Twitter to claim the prize within 48 hours.

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