Aug 26,2021
[Important Update] Release of Bee Network 1.6.1 Version

Hi pioneers, the core team of Bee Network DAO has been working hard to develop a new version recently. Since we want to push the content with best quality to everyone, this update is a bit late. But please don’t worry, wewill improve our update process and let pioneer experience new versions in shorted period. The 1.6.1 version update has been released, we hope you can download the update and share it then enjoy the earning process.

The beta version updates are as follows:

  1. New main interface with better experience.
  2. Brand new registration and login interface, you can log in with password and email
  3. You can receive update reminders and remind your teammates to go online

The above new updates have been released on App Store、Google Play、official

The number of Bee Network Pioneers from all over the world is about to breakthrough 15 million, which is a step further from our ultimate goal. This is the contribution of the global pioneers; we appreciate you for your support. We will continue to work harder to let the global pioneers enjoy the product with better and better quality. Please stay tuned.

Bee NetWork DAO


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