Jul 28,2021
[ Exclusive Preview] Bee Super Node Event is coming soon!

The Supernode Scheme is the first community campaign launched by the core team of Bee Network DAO. This campaign aims to encourage Bee pioneers to expand their Bee Network faster as well as increase their future benefits. Most importantly, this scheme could help the late comers catch up with the earning rate too. What are you still hesitate ?

The rules are as follows:

1. Super Node: Users who manage to reach 20 new team members during the event, are entitled to apply to be Super Node volunteer through the APP. Invitation code of successful applicants will be included in the invitation pool. The system will then provide these invitation code randomly to new users who register without an invitation code, to complete the registration.

2. Super Node Ambassador: Super Node Volunteer who manage to reach 80 new team members during the promotion are entitled to apply to be Super Node Ambassador through the APP. Super Node Ambassador will be eligible for Bee‘s website establishment (Free templates provided with personalized domain name, server and other support), the exclusive website will be displayed on Bee’s official website.

The first launch of Supernode Scheme will only be the beta version,more campaigns with rewards and new features will be added and iterated in the future. Everyone please keeps an eye on it.

We would like to take this chance to say thanks to all the Bee pioneers! ! Bee Network DAO core team will work hard with all the pioneers for a mutual goal!

Bee Network DAO


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