Understanding the MASS Adoption Vision of ALIENX, the AI Node Application Chain

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With the expansion of blockchain technology and application scenarios, some new narratives and paradigms are emerging, and application chains are one of the hottest ones recently. Application chains (Appchain) are blockchains dedicated to specific applications. They refer to blockchains designed specifically for operating a specific application. As each protocol built on the blockchain wants to expand, they will seek to transform into a sovereign chain, giving them full control over their protocols without relying on the original L1. At present, Ethereums roadmap is gradually moving towards application chains and Rollups. Leading application chain ecosystems Celestia and Cosmos, as well as new generations of IMX and Arbitrum Nova, have made innovative expansions for different application scenarios, which has led to increasingly fierce competition in the application chain track. Competition is beneficial to the Entwicklung of the industry because users will screen out projects and applications that are more adapted to market needs. Therefore, whoever can provide high-quality products and help users get a better experience will stand out from this Shura field.

What is ALIENX?

ALIENX Chain is the only AI node-driven and EVM-compatible application chain. Its technical framework is based on Arbitrum Orbit. It aims to solve the data security and privacy issues of traditional AI projects by combining AI technology and the decentralized nature of blockchain, and to achieve large-scale adoption of NFTs and GameFi. Previously, ALIENX has received $17 million in financing from top investment institutions including OKX Ventures, C² Ventures, and Next Leader Capital, and its valuation in the latest round of financing is $200 million.

Understanding the MASS Adoption Vision of ALIENX, the AI Node Application Chain

AI node-driven application public chain

1. Decentralized deployment of AI models

ALIENX will support the deployment of multiple AI models including open source models, privatized models, and multimodal models of text, audio, and video. Compared with traditional centralized deployment, blockchain technology can achieve better data privacy protection and higher security. At the same time, decentralized systems are easier to expand and are conducive to applications that process large amounts of data.

2. AI large language model sharing

As a public chain that natively supports various AIs, ALIENX provides better infrastructure services for the ecosystem and community by training and fine-tuning various models on the chain and enhancing model capabilities. At the same time, ALIENX can provide ecosystem developers with various technical capabilities based on the on-chain model, including but not limited to model access, computing power scheduling, contract access, and other basic service access, thereby lowering the development threshold of various AI projects.

3. AI NODE node deployment

AI Node will play a critical role in ALIENXs AI ecosystem, including but not limited to:

• AI model deployment, data storage and training tasks, and providing computing power support for the community and ecosystem;

• AI model service transaction verification;

• Verify the privacy and security of on-chain data to ensure that on-chain data is not abused;

• Other governance roles related to AI model training/computing power/security in the future;

4. ALIENX Ecosystem Benefits

ALIENX Chains Gas will be distributed to users who stake $AIX native tokens, and users who stake $AIX and AI Node will enjoy different degrees of governance and revenue sharing rights in the AI ecological projects of ALIENX Chain. Part of $AIX will be awarded to ecological project parties, and users who stake $AIX can vote for ecological project parties to decide how much $AIX incentive each project party can obtain. At the same time, ecological project parties will also reward ecological tokens to $AIX Holders.

ALIENX Development Roadmap

ALIENX Chain was launched in March 2024 and has announced the development roadmap of the first AI node public chain. Its mainnet activities and native token $AIX are planned to be launched at the end of June. The airdrop roadmap of the entire project is as follows:

• Official announcement and release of Genesis NFT (ALIENX Explorer Pass) in early March;

• Social Luftabwurf social mining event at the end of March;

• AI Node will be sold in early April;

• Staking Season at the end of April;

• The HAL testnet activity will be launched at the end of May;

• ALIENX mainnet activity will be launched at the end of June;

• $AIX token airdrop and TGE at the end of June;

Understanding the MASS Adoption Vision of ALIENX, the AI Node Application Chain

$AIX is the mainnet token of the ALIENX blockchain. It is expected that up to 60% of $AIX tokens will be allocated to long-term community incentives, including nodes, staking rewards, testnet and mainnet airdrops, and ecological growth rewards. According to ALIENXs $200 million financing valuation, the long-term community incentive value will be as high as $120 million.

ALIENX HAL Testnet Activity

ALIENX Chain officially launched the HAL testnet activity on May 24, 2024. The testnet activity lasted for 3 weeks. Within 5 days of going online, there were as many as 500,000 on-chain users participating.

Understanding the MASS Adoption Vision of ALIENX, the AI Node Application Chain

The HAL testnet activity task is very simple: visit the HAL testnet (https://hal.alienxchain.io/quest) and link the EVM wallet to complete basic interactive tasks to receive $ALIEN test tokens. In the end, the $AIX airdrop will be based on the $ALIEN test coins obtained by users in the testnet interaction as airdrop vouchers.

The HAL test network task list is as follows:

Understanding the MASS Adoption Vision of ALIENX, the AI Node Application Chain

The interactive tasks of the test network are mainly divided into basic interactive tasks and ecological project tasks:

Basic Tasks

• Get a faucet (get up to 10 $ALIEN)

• Forge an Alien Badge (receive up to 5 $ALIEN)

• Bridge Assets (Get up to 10 $ALIEN)

• Pledge assets (get up to 100 $ALIEN)

• Deploy a contract (get up to 20 $ALIEN)

Ecological project tasks

• Buy NFTs on AlienSwap (get up to 10 $ALIEN)

• Cast a SpellGuru Key and open a SpellBox (gain up to 10 $ALIEN)

In addition, the inviting user can also receive an additional 5% of the $ALIEN test coin reward of the invitee. It should be noted here that although there is no cost for test network interaction, there is a daily limit on the faucet. The mint and purchase of test network NFTs are both carried out on AlienSwap. Non-developer users can use the creator tool CreateX (https://createx.art/) to complete the deployment contract task.

After the entire HAL testnet activity is completed, 165 $ALIEN test coins can be obtained. However, the testnet will last for three weeks, and new ecological project tasks will be launched later. Therefore, if you want to get more $ALIEN test coins, in addition to collecting faucets every day and participating in interactive tasks many times, you can also invite as many other users as possible to get more additional invitation rewards. At present, the HAL testnet has been online for less than a week, and the interactive addresses have reached 500,000, and the number of transactions is nearly 2.5 million times, which is relatively popular.

Understanding the MASS Adoption Vision of ALIENX, the AI Node Application Chain


The combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence has always been a hot topic, on the one hand because they are both emerging industries and have attracted much attention, and on the other hand, the two fields have reached their own development bottlenecks. Therefore, how to effectively combine the two has always brought a lot of imagination to the market. The emergence of the ALIENX project has injected fresh blood into the application chain track of artificial intelligence, and its HAL test network has a lot of interactions and user participation, which also shows that users are very enthusiastic about it.

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