Modular computing power layer Lumoz Node Sale will open pre-sale and whitelist registration on June 17

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Modular computing power layer Lumoz Node Sale will open pre-sale and whitelist registration on June 17

Lumoz, a modular computing power layer ZKRaaS platform, announced that it will launch the zkVerifier Node Sale event worldwide. The node pre-sale (Pre-sale) and whitelist registration activities will be officially launched at 3 pm Beijing time on June 17. The upper limit of Lumoz zkVerifier Node is 200,000, and it is first come first served. All users around the world can register for the whitelist and participate in the whitelist round for snapping up, or pay a 20% deposit through the pre-sale invitation code to participate in the Pre-sale round and lock in a lower price node in advance.

Users who successfully purchase nodes will be eligible to participate in the 40 million Lumoz points event (before the mainnet launch). After the Lumoz mainnet is launched, 25% of the token rewards will also be mined through zkVerifier nodes. In addition, node holders can also receive multiple rewards such as potential token airdrops of Lumoz ecological new chains.

Why should you buy Lumoz zkVerifier Node?

Faced with the challenge of high computing costs in the current zero-knowledge computing field, the Lumoz network, relying on its years of deep expertise in the ZKP field, has greatly improved computing efficiency through innovative optimization of circuits and algorithms, effectively solving the high cost and low efficiency problems faced by Rollup projects, and lowering the threshold for ordinary users to participate in the zero-knowledge computing market.

As an important part of the Lumoz network verification layer, the zkVerifier node provides great convenience for ordinary users to participate in the zero-knowledge (ZK) computing network, and also bears the important responsibility of maintaining the security of network data. Users only need to run lightweight nodes to easily participate in ZK computing and receive corresponding rewards from the network. This innovative initiative will also promote the widespread application of zero-knowledge computing technology and bring broader application prospects to the entire industry.

With the official launch of zkVerifier Node sales, community users around the world will have the opportunity to fairly participate in the operation of the Lumoz network, jointly maintain the security and stability of the network, and receive rewards provided by Lumoz.

Lumoz zkVerifier Node Rewards

  • 40 million Lumoz points (before TGE). Lumoz will launch a 40 million Lumoz points event on June 25, which will last for 40 days. Users who successfully purchase nodes and stake them can share 1 million Lumoz points every day. The points can be exchanged for mainnet tokens after Lumoz TGE (estimated in Q3 2024).

  • 25% Lumoz Token Incentive (after TGE). According to Lumoz鈥檚 latest valuation of $300 million, 25% of MOZ tokens are worth up to $75 million.

  • Lumoz ecosystem potential new chain token airdrop. As the industrys leading DePIN computing network and ZK-RaaS platform, Lumoz currently has more than 20+ excellent ETH L2 and BTC L2 products launched on the mainnet/testnet, such as ZKFair , Merlin Chain , etc. Lumoz plans to launch more L2 chains, covering different fields such as BTC, AI, DePIN, Game, Social, etc. Therefore, in order to better promote ecological prosperity, zkVerifier Node holders will also receive potential token airdrops of Lumoz ecological L2 chains.

Lumoz Node Key Information

way of participation:

  • Pre-Sale: The pre-sale round will start on June 17 and is only open to users with pre-sale invitation codes. Users who participate in the pre-sale can lock in a lower-priced license earlier than others, and participate in the acquisition of Lumoz points earlier, with lower costs and higher returns.

  • Whitelist Sale: The whitelist round will be launched on June 25 and is open to global users. However, participants must participate in the whitelist registration activity between June 17 and June 24 and recharge 100 U to lock in the whitelist qualification.

Modular computing power layer Lumoz Node Sale will open pre-sale and whitelist registration on June 17

More details about node sales and whitelist participation rules will be announced soon. Please follow Lumoz official Twitter and Discord !

About Lumoz

Lumoz is a leading DePIN computing network and ZK-RaaS platform, which uses PoW mining mechanism to provide ZKP computing power for ZK-Rollup. Currently, ETH L2 products are online. ZKFair and BTC L2 Products Merlin Chain , more new L2 chains will be launched in the future.

In the first half of this year, Lumoz announced the completion of Pre-A and strategic rounds of financing. As of now, OKX Ventures, HashKey Capital, KuCoin Ventures, Polygon, IDG BlockChain, NGC Ventures, Gate Ventures, MH Ventures, BWARE LABS, Comma 3 Ventures and other institutions have participated in it. Lumoz has raised a total of US$14 million.

It is worth mentioning that Lumoz has completed two rounds of incentive testnets, with a total of 282K participants, 28,137W validators, 145 PoW miners, and more than 60 ecological projects deployed. According to the official website roadmap, Lumoz is expected to launch the mainnet in Q3 this year.

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