GME Stock God returns, which meme coins are the degens rushing for?

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After three years of returning to the public eye, Roaring Kitty, the retail stock god behind the GME short squeeze, has set off a crazy meme craze in both the US stock market and the crypto market. Currently, the popularity of GME is still continuing, and the related memes in the crypto market are also showing a flourishing situation. In the face of overwhelming traffic, which meme coins are crypto degens rushing for?

GME Concept

The return of the GME stock god naturally made GME the hottest hype target, but due to the excessive influence of Roaring Kitty, GME has seen multiple imitations. However, although the consensus is somewhat scattered, the traffic of the retail stock god himself is enough to support each GME imitation to gain huge gains in a short period of time.

Among the many new GME imitations, GME deployed on Ethereum has been favored by more degens due to its Ethereum ecosystem + low circulation market value, and has gained dozens of times in the past two days. In addition, GME in the Base ecosystem has also created a new historical high under the support of the Base Season. As the Solana ecosystem already has GME-related meme coins, the new imitations quickly died after a short-term rise.

GME Stock God returns, which meme coins are the degens rushing for?

At present, the popularity of GME in the US stock market is still continuing, but the GME consensus in the crypto market is gradually converging. The GME meme coins of the above-mentioned Ethereum, Base and other ecosystems have all experienced a sharp retracement today. Only the old GME of the Solana ecosystem remains at a high level in sync with the US stock GME. As of the time of writing, the price of Solanas old GME remains at a historical high of $0.018, and its market value has doubled from the previous day to $12.5 million.

GME Stock God returns, which meme coins are the degens rushing for?

Keith Peripheral Concept

In addition to the GME concept, there are also many meme coins surrounding Roaring Kitty (real name Keith Gill), ranging from names, personal items to social platforms and movie IPs.


The meme coin KITTY on Solana was deployed on March 31 this year. It used the concept of Roaring Kittys name. It fell by more than 90% the day after its launch and was on the road to zero, but unexpectedly rose sharply due to the return of Roaring Kitty. A trader spent about $3,000 to buy 17.4 million KITTY the day before Roaring Kitty tweeted, and now he has made a profit of more than $100,000 because of this tweet. In addition, the related small-cap meme coin RWIF (Roaring Kitty Wif Hat) combined with Solanas native meme coin WIF has also continued to rise since its launch yesterday, with a 10-fold increase in 24 hours.

GME Stock God returns, which meme coins are the degens rushing for?

The prophecy ball Magig 8 Ball that Keith often used in his YouTube live broadcasts three years ago was also turned into a meme coin M8B by the community today. However, at present, because the concept is too niche, M8B does not have much traffic effect.

GME Stock God returns, which meme coins are the degens rushing for?


In February 2021, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled Keith Gill Drove the GameStop Reddit Mania. He Talked to the Journal., interviewing Keith on the entire GME short squeeze. On the eve of the GME short squeeze, Keith himself frantically recommended GME to the well-known retail investment community WSB (Wall Street Bet) on the Reddit platform. After persuading WSB, Keith and WSB worked together to support GME on social media, and finally achieved the feat of retail investors against Wall Street.

After Keith’s return, the Reddit concept meme coin on Solana has also become the “target” of degen retail investors, setting a new record high after returning to zero for several months. However, because the consensus is not as good as GME, the price of REDDIT was also halved today.

GME Stock God returns, which meme coins are the degens rushing for?


Last year, Keith Gills GME story was adapted into the Hollywood movie Dumb Money, which once again caused a strong response on social media. The movie is based on Ben Mezrichs new book The Anti-Social Network, focusing on the story of retail investors in the Reddit platform WSB community banding together to fight against Wall Street.

Today, a meme coin called DUMB based on the movie IP also appeared on Solana. According to Dexscreener, DUMB has become the most popular token in the Solana ecosystem at the time of writing, with a maximum increase of 10 times in half a day.

GME Stock God returns, which meme coins are the degens rushing for?

The concept of Wall Street Meme Stock

In addition to Keith himself, the retail investor god, Wall Street retail investors and related concepts nicknamed Meme Stock by the media are equally important, so they have also benefited greatly from this wave of meme market.


After the GME short squeeze, retail investors in the US stock market were very motivated and once again shorted AMC, a stock that was also shorted by Wall Street institutions and the media. Since then, GME and AMC have become the leading representatives of the Meme Stock concept, and as long as there is traffic, they will definitely appear one after another.

In this wave of GME meme, the AMC concept meme coin on Solana performed just as well as GME. After returning to zero for several months, AMC directly hit a new all-time high of nearly 3 times the previous high in the past two days. As of the time of writing, it still maintains around $0.02, with a market value of over $20 million.

GME Stock God returns, which meme coins are the degens rushing for?


Of course, the GME craze is definitely inseparable from WSB. Since the GME short squeeze, WSB has become famous overnight, so the meme coins related to it have a long history. The most orthodox WSB concept meme coin was deployed on Ethereum at the beginning of last year, but it did not escape the fate of returning to zero after a short-term surge. Even under this return to good news, WSB is unable to return to its historical highs.

GME Stock God returns, which meme coins are the degens rushing for?


After Keith returned yesterday, the US stock GME hit the daily limit again after many years, so the word Halt has become a meme concept that can be used to charge. Today, a meme coin HALT (Solana Exchange Commission) with the concept of daily limit appeared on Solana, which aims to satirize the airdrops of Wall Street institutions and the New York Stock Exchange. According to Dexscreener, HALT is currently ranked second on the Solana token popularity list.

GME Stock God returns, which meme coins are the degens rushing for?

The influence of Keiths return exceeds that of everyone else, and since all he does now is post videos like crazy on X, the market has left enough expectations for the further development of the return narrative. It is foreseeable that the popularity of GME will continue for some time, but in the context of insufficient liquidity, this popularity may not support the flourishing of all related concepts, and finding the strongest consensus may be the opportunity. Putting aside the US stock market, as far as the crypto market is concerned, the meme trend is a running game, so all degens need to pay attention to the risks.

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